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The DFL should change it’s mascot to be a unicorn

If the DFL changed it’s mascot to be a unicorn it’d be a lot more interesting.

Unicorns are awesome!

Donkeys aren’t very interesting and elephants are stupid.  We’d be able to use more rainbows in our publications to.  Here is a good song we could use about unicorns.

Here’s a great unicorn political website on the Facebook: My Politics Revolve Around Unicorns Facebook Page

Unicorns are peaceful and so are democrats.  We represent all of the colors of the rainbow.  Unicorns have horns which means they could be fierce, but are peaceful because they care.

I suppose we could also just put a horn on the donkey, but then republicans could just put a horn on an elephant and then we’d be back at square one.

Donkicorns and elephicorns.


Well, I hate you people.

I can’t understand why the Democratic DFL party can’t take me seriously. I’ve run enough times now to know what it takes to be Governor. They’re loss.

I even proposed a bunch of good ideas today and everything and people just wouldn’t listen. I’d keep the Minnesota State Fair open all year round so we can do tourism and make money so we wouldn’t have to raise taxes.

And then I had my truck smashed into when I was at the casino! That was terrible!

Casinos always have great buffets. Here’s another idea. Feed the homeless people with the stuff nobody ever eats at the buffet. Who wants to eat that weird tasting macaroni and cheese? give it to the homeless!

And I meant what I said today. I’m just going to show all of you people. I’m going to show you that Im serious and you’ll be wishing you hadn’t laughed at me. I’ve got great ideas if you’d bother listening to them.

and you might as well change the DFL mascot to a unicorn! I’ll give you that one for free because it’s a great idea and it would be popular with people.