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I’m bummed in a way that can’t be fixed by sparkly unicorn stickers

I’ve been pretty bummed out since the DFL convention. I had my truck busted into at the casino and that meant I had to spend money. this is the most expensive campaign I’ve ever had to run!

I tried putting some new stickers on the truck but it only reminds me how angry I was. even the unicorn ones! I tried putting a bunch of unicorn stickers, sparkly ones, on the side and it didn’t make me feel any better either.

You people should probably think real hard about other people’s feelings before you do something mean. The Guvernors race isn’t suppose to be about negativity.

I’m going to go work in my happy place for a while and see if it makes it easier to not be mad.

here is a poem:

Should I run in a Primary?
Yes, No and Maybe,
Had to fix my truck,
hang in there baby!