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My Lt Governor is Elvis

I picked a Lt Govenor Candidate. Todd ‘Elvis’ Anderson. You can read about him here. http://www.toddelvis.com

I think I also filed as a Republican. That’ll teach the DFL not to read my brochures.


Maybe the Twins can feed the homeless hotdogs

This would be a really great idea I could push when I’m governor.  How about the Twins give any leftover food they have after the games from the stadium to the homeless people in Minneapolis.  This just seems like a good idea and I can’t be the only person who thinks this.

I wonder if we could do something similar in St Paul with the WILD?  The amount of food would depend on how much was left over, but with all the teams (Go Vikes!) playing all year round you could pretty much have extra food all over the Twin Cities from all of these sports stadiums.

Hotdogs are probably not the best kind of food for people to be eating, but if it’s the only food you might be getting that day it’d be better than nothing.  Maybe the homeless could even earn their food by cleaning up the downtowns.

This is one of the good ideas the DFL Democrats don’t want you to hear from me which is why they didn’t endorse me.  They want you to vote for Margaret Keliher.  She’s smart and has a lot of experience and could easily win against Tom Emmer and Mark Seifert, but so could I!

Vote Ole Savior to help the homeless!