Why bother bombing the moon?

I don’t understand why we decided to shoot a bomb at the moon. I remember reading something on an Indian exploration mission that said scientists had discovered water and somehow that meant we needed to bomb the moon to prove it.

I also remember reading something about the dark side of the moon never facing Earth and that there was a pretty good chance that something could be going on on the other side and we’d never see it. But we bombed the light side? 🙂

I just don’t understand why we need to spend money blowing up the moon. If we need to spend money on something how about we put a little into roads or healthcare or a new Vikings stadium. I still don’t see the connection between shooting things at the moon and discovering water, but I do see a connection between us not building stadiums and spending money blowing up the moon.

Bet people wish I was President now. I never would have bombed the moon and you can be damn sure I would have made sure your taxes weren’t used to do something so silly. I mean, seriously!


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